What is Walk & Write?

“Walks work for me. I enter some arena that is neither conscious or unconscious.”

Mary Oliver – September 10, 1935 – January 17, 2019

WALK & WRITE is an acronym for a method of creativity achieved by walking in nature and letting nature unleash your inner artistic talents whether they be writing, photography, drawing, singing — you name it!

W – Walk

It begins with a Walk. Get up and go. Move. Find a spot, preferably in nature that speaks to your soul. I find hiking one mile, then resting to write, then hiking back out works for me. The point of WALK & WRITE is to actually get involved with your creativity while out in nature, not afterward when you may forget your “light bulb” moment.

A – Absorb

Take in your surroundings. Let your attention be mindful. Be present to what you see, hear, sell, touch, or event taste a wild blackberry! Absorb nature like a sponge.

L – Look/Listen

This is an extension of absorbing your surroundings. Focus in on what you see. Really look. It’s not just a tree, its bark is wrinkled like an old man. Listen. Do you hear the chickadee? Does it sound like an infant hearing its voice for the first time?

K – Kindle

Now it’s time to kindle what your senses have brought you. Awaken to the forest, or the seashore, or the city park. Let your senses arouse, awaken, and set your creativity on fire like the kindling of the eternal flame of creativity that exists within us all. Sometimes the embers are barely lit but they are still smoldering. It’s time to wake up that blaze!

Now it is time to WRITE!

W – Write

Yes, let’s get down to business. Stop. Rest. Write. Or draw, or sing, or take photos. Don’t worry about perfection. Free write. Doodle. Make up a song and sing it to the birds. See if they’ll sing back. Snap away with that camera. Compose what has been inside you all along.

R – Read

This letter has double meaning. I find it helpful to bring along a book that may inspire me further. I may randomly turn to a page and find that it fits in perfectly with what I am feeling. To read also means “to look at and comprehend the meaning of.” Or “to understand or interpret the nature or significance of.” That is what you are here to do.

I – Imagine

As you create, imagine something new, different, out-of-the-box. Use that sleeping imagination of yours and envision your passions taking fruit.

T – Transcend

Now that you have been inspired by your surroundings and have taken the steps to arouse your creativity, you will find yourself transcending into new territory. So go beyond your familiar range of being. Test your limits. You may find yourself exceeding even your own long-forgotten dreams.

E – Evolve & Enlighten

Now you have evolved into the creative creature you were meant to be! You have been transformed and will continue to grow in your passionate nature. So, it’s time to enlighten others. Share your gifts. It might just be personal at first. Take your little journal and use your words to compose a poem. Or take a giant leap and write an article from your notes, then submit it to a magazine. Have some photos reproduced into canvas works of art and donate them to a health center.

This is the simplicity of WALK & WRITE. What are you waiting for? Go!