W&W 4: Lake Effect Like Walking on Pillows

January 24, 2019Today I snowshoed a total of 3 miles on the North Country Trail behind AuSable and toward Eagle Lake. After 1.5 miles, I found a nice tree to set my purple cushion upon. It fit perfectly between a crook of large branches, and my feet adorned with snowshoes rested comfortably along the ground….

W&W 3: Blessings Enough

January 14, 2019This was a quick WALKandWRITE as I only had time for a one-hour total trip so that I could spend some time with my hubby in the sauna. Yes, that is important too. Treating yourself and being with the one who loves you and whom you love back is essential to your well-being….

W &W 2: Swallowing the Galaxy Whole

January 5, 2019 This is a perfect day for my second WALKandWRITE! My hubby dropped me off at Starvation Lake Road after we dropped my car off at AuSable Institute where I could pick it up and not have to backtrack along the same section of the North Country Trail. Nice! I hiked 3.6 miles…

W&W 1: Begin!

January 1, 2019 My first WALKandWRITE was a snowshoe on the North Country Trail from AuSable Institute to just past Twin Lake Road and back. I went 1.5 miles before pausing to write. I set my alarm for 30 minutes, wrote and read. I created my first W&W backpack by using an old cinch pack,…