W &W 2: Swallowing the Galaxy Whole

January 5, 2019

This is a perfect day for my second WALKandWRITE! My hubby dropped me off at Starvation Lake Road after we dropped my car off at AuSable Institute where I could pick it up and not have to backtrack along the same section of the North Country Trail. Nice!

I hiked 3.6 miles on snowshoes. I paused to write at one of my favorite resting spots – the bench overlooking Eagle Lake. My snowshoe breath has settled down now. I have Absorbed my surroundings after my 1.75 mile walk. I now listen. Because it is the weekend, there is no total silence. I hear the faraway buzz of snowmobiles. At first this makes me mad because I crave solitude and I don’t care for their noise and polluting smell. But then I pause and think, these are working Americans trying to blow off steam and have their own kind of fun while reducing stress. (Side Note: Winter WALKandWRITE might be more enjoyable with a blanket. My buns are cold!).

My walk so far has been a blessing. The humidity of our lake effect air formed hoarfrost and icing on the trees. The rays of the sun peeking through the snowfog made the forest magical! I took lots of photos:

Rays of winter sun
now gently warm the forest
filled with morning frost.

I left one of my “trail angels” in the Grand Traverse District sign-in box along the trail.

Looking and Listening: I heard a few chickadees in addition to the engine sounds of the weekenders. But mostly I heard the clip-clop, scrunch-munch of my modern snowshoes upon the snow that had froze in the night. Shaded sections of the trail were softer creating a whomp-whomp sound from my shoes. I looked upon scene after scene of sunlight through the red pines with sun rays reflecting off the frosted branches. In a cutover section, small stick saplings raised their spindly bodies skyward like a wannabee forest of teenagers. I saw leaves scattered along the trail creating their own paw marks.

Kindling these thoughts, I began a read from “Writing as a Path to Awakening” by Albert Flynn DeSilver. There are many “WOW” insights in such a couple of paragraphs. I am in total agreement with Mr. DeSilver as he says “writing moves us along the path of awakening to our true nature.” The question is “Awakening to What?” He says we are “awakening from the dream of separation.” I believe we are not alone onto ourselves. We are part of God and the Universe. So we need to accept all the other parts (even the snowmobilers).

Imagine – what I can become as a writer with this concept I am developing to WALKandWRITE!

Transcend – That is becoming one with my surroundings. These trees, this snow, these leaves, lake, bark, homes, hills, sun, sky, creatures sleeping and hidden, and yes the people too. Perhaps they are the hardest to transcend and join?

Evolve/Enlighten – Yes, I am evolving into a more complete spiritual being (as the raven caw-caws in agreement). Yes! Yes! and so I will enlighten others come May with my passion and hope to give others the same peace as I present WALKandWRITE at the NCT Celebration.

Poem written from this Walk&Write

It was as if all the Big Bang stars
fell from the sky
and landed softly in these woods
covered in winter white
glittering specks of stardust
lit up by the sun . . . and so
dipping my red mitten
into this Holy Oneness
I raise a gift to my lips
swallowing the galaxy


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  1. This is a lovely post. Your photos are beautiful and I love your poem. Walking in nature is always enjoyable.


    1. Thank you! I am just learning how to use Word Press. Not easy, but I’ll keep at it!

      Liked by 1 person

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