W&W 3: Blessings Enough

January 14, 2019
This was a quick WALKandWRITE as I only had time for a one-hour total trip so that I could spend some time with my hubby in the sauna. Yes, that is important too. Treating yourself and being with the one who loves you and whom you love back is essential to your well-being.

I snowshoe hiked from Starvation Lake Road to MacNeil Pond and back. One mile in, a 5-minute Write, and one mile back. Today I noticed the subtlety of the sky. It was mostly gray with some soft shades of winter blue. There wasn’t a lot to be inspired by unless you train yourself to see the world through simple eyes. And so, I composed the following haiku along the trail as I snowshoed 1 mile in:

Subleties of sky
simplicities of being
are blessings enough.

I did a quick 5-minute Read from “The Art of Simplicity” by Candy Paull. “It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.” – Mary Daly, page 167.

As I snowshoed back, the words of my haiku formed a little song. I need to find an app that let’s you compose tunes so I don’t forget my little mantra songs. And so ends my third WALKandWRITE.


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