W & W 9: Crazy Thoughts Sometimes Turn Into Pleasant Reality

February 28, 2019

Oh how glorious!
the day awakens with frost
kissing the tree tops.

Frost touched trees on my way to a x-country ski today!

I ventured off the Muncie Lakes Pathway south of Williamsburg, Michigan to x-country ski by myself. I ended up doing a 5.4 ski and it was glorious! I never saw another soul until I made it back to the parking lot. In fact, I only saw two living creatures the entire sojourn into the woods: a black squirrel and an eagle!

It was odd that before I saw the eagle I had a negative thought pop into my head as I was beginning to tire from the up and down hills my skis ventured over. My breath was coming fast and full. My ski pole arms were dropping with fatigue. And so, I was thinking:

What if I fell going down one of these hills all alone? What if I broke a leg?

 What if an eagle then swooped down on me and starting pecking my eyes out?

Crazy thoughts like these pop into my brain when I begin to tire. Of course, none of that happened, but shortly after I brushed away those crazy thoughts I saw an eagle soar across one of the Muncie Lakes. I think he wanted to reassure me we were both soulful travelers on this lovely planet.

I wasn’t sure if I captured his photo and it isn’t a clear one, but was pleased that what I thought was just a clump of snow on a tree burl was actually this handsome guy!

The ski trails at Muncie Lakes Pathway are beautifully groomed by the Vasa Ski Club. Thank you! It has been difficult trying to snowshoe in over 3-feet of snow in the woods near my home. My Walk today was a swish-swish glide over the ski-set trails. I felt like the eagle soaring overhead, only I was soaring along the wooded hillsides. My sky was glistening sun-kissed snow.

I have a confession to make. I did not Write in the woods today. I gathered my thoughts within my heart as it is difficult to pause and rest with skis on even though this bench awaited.

When I left home this morning it was -13 degrees on the last day of February! When I arrived to ski it was a balmy 12 degrees. I knew it would be questionable to stop and Write today because I was sweating like crazy and didn’t think it was healthy to stop and let my body cool while being clammy. So today, my inspiration was to just absorb my surroundings and be fully present with the day.

I also stopped on my way home to photograph some unfrozen water (rare around these parts) with these beauties swimming along.

All in all, it was an utterly alone/utterly blissful day along the trail.


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