W & W 10: It Takes a Lifetime

March 3, 2019
Why does it take a full lifetime to find out who you really are? Those words came to me as I did my ninth WALK and WRITE this morning downstate (this word is a term used by Michiganders who used to live in the southern end of our state but have since moved to their True North, somewhere north of the town of Clare and beyond). I am staying at my daughter’s in Ortonville near one of the most famous ice cream and dairy farms in Michigan — Cook’s Dairy Farm on Seymour Lake Road.

Cook’s has the creamiest, tongue-hugging, sensual-slide-down-your gullet ice cream in the Mitten State! At Christmas time you need to try their eggnog or peppermint ice cream at least once before you enter the life beyond. YUM! This photo was taken from the back end of Cook’s silos (there are actually four) as my daughter’s 2-mile hike winds through a neighbor’s woods and along the power grids of northern Oakland County.

As I walked her beautiful dog Stella (see her sniffing coyote tracks below), the words leading off this blog just popped into my head. Why? Why does it take a lifetime to discover our True North. Our True Souls. Our Presence of Being? Dogs and coyotes know their true selves all along. Why do human beings have to be so complicated? Perhaps we need better sniffers.

This morning I began the March chapter of the book Writing as a Path to Awakening by Albert Flynn DeSilver. Mr. DeSilver says it well when he states ” . . . the key aspect of (writing) practice that we often forget is the discovery and enchantment we get along the way.” And this:
“. . . take the time to delve deep and write forth your inner truth.”

By WALKING and WRITING, I find that I am finally discovering the real me and that is awakening to life! I can’t wait to be able to rest and write with my hikes again, but dog walking isn’t conducive to such endeavors. So, today I relied on my trusty Voice Notes app to record my thoughts along the way. I am discovering that it is another way to remember my walk-inspired musings such as (see photos on my photo page):

Even in winter, remnants of summer hang on.
Milkweed fluff is one of the most artistic things on earth.
Where do coyotes go during day light?Bittersweet is a perfect word for an endangered plant.

And with that, I move on to another day in the life of me.


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