W & W 13: Circular Spring

Yesterday I hiked 3.6 miles in the Jordan River Valley on the first day of Spring. If you haven’t been to this spot of quietude you are missing out. There are no words to describe it. It is luminous in all seasons. Take a look .

Yes, this is Spring in Northern Michigan. There is still one to two feet of snow on the ground in the woods. But, I am seeing signs of the shortest of seasons. Last year we had two snowstorms in April. Above the 45th parallel, Spring is usually about one month long, approximately April 15 to May 15 and then summer comes sneaking in. Today, I actually saw a bit of land and a rock up on the glacial hills of this portion of the North Country Trail.

There is a musical rhythm to snowshoeing when all you hear is the steady clomping of your shoes. It isn’t always the same. Today it was slushy and a bit misty at times. My walk sounded like xylophone notes being waved through thick water. As I schlooped up and down the path the word that kept coming back to me was circles, circles, circles.

Whenever I hike in March and the snow begins to slowly melt away, so slow that it can’t be measured; I marvel at the circles that form around the still dormant trees. It is as if these sturdy trunks of mottled gray begin to have hot flashes like a middle-aged woman. Those days are behind me now, thank God!

I think the circles form because the trees are as excited as I am that the circle of seasons is about to turn from beneath its circumference to its eastern slope.

Here are a few of those amazing circles.

And so it goes . . . life begins and ends in circles. May you find little signs of Spring circling throughout your days and weeks ahead. My haiku for this day was inspired by the first photo of today’s Walk & Write.

From my spirit to your spirit — may the circle be unbroken.

Soft bend of river

gracefulness of fallen trees

am I in heaven?

from One Word Photo Haiku: Gracefulness by Ellen Schettling Whitehead

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  1. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. I love your reflections about the scene in your part of the world. The first photo is beautiful.

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