W & W 14: I love winter, but . . .

I choose to live full-time in Northern Michigan and truthfully I do love winter, but six months of cold and snow do get to your Spring soul. So, my hubby and I go south for three weeks to escape late March to mid-April in order to replenish our heart batteries. Thus, the next couple of Walk & Writes are being sent to you via Seagrove, Florida!

There is nothing like walking barefoot in soft sand to breathe some Spring into your steps. We have been down here three days now and I’ve taken two walks down the beach (the first day we didn’t arrive until 4 pm after a 6-hour drive from Winfield, Alabama, where my in-laws live). Each walk was about 2.5 miles.

My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and cannot walk the sand with me, though he does pretty good walking the sidewalks; so I walk another 2 miles or so with him each day. I’ll be doing a Walk & Write from the “neighborhood” view later this week.

When you live in the middle of the woods, you are blessed but you yearn for wide-open spaces. There is nothing that compares to the sound of the surf and the endless horizon expanding out to places unknown right before your eyes. Yes, Lake Michigan also offers this perspective and it is only an hour drive from my northern home; but, the ocean is also a blessing. To smell the salt in the air, to feel the soft white sand caress your toes, to let the gulf breezes play with your hair; these are heavenly elixirs!

White sands of Seagrove Beach on the Emerald Coast

While walking this day the takeaway I kept within was the joy of the people I saw along my journey down the beach and back. Shhh . . . I do like taking snap photos of people I see on my ventures and don’t always ask permission to use their photos, but I promise I will do better! I saw teens on spring break boppin’ their heads to rap music, a young lady doing yoga in positions I would never dream of attempting, little girls making sand castles, a middle-aged man sleeping soundly with his mouth wide open (okay, I won’t post that one), and this sweet young boy looking out at the sea.

What is he dreaming of?

Wouldn’t you love to know what he is thinking? Is he dreaming of what adventures await him in the future? Does he yearn to swim into the surf if the water would just warm up a bit? My guess is he is thinking “Are there sharks in there?” Then there is this guy:

No, I didn’t ask permission but his face isn’t showing. I am not a tattoo kinda gal, but I really admired this one. I am a tree hugger and proud of it! So this beauty really caught my eye. Not only is the tree full and lovely; but, the roots say a lot about his soul.

It is good to take vacations from our daily lives. It is essential for me to go on adventures. By taking a siesta from Northern Michigan’s brutally-long winters, I am fulfilling my need to see new places so that I can come home and appreciate my roots. Like the roots of this stranger’s tattoo, I leave you with this: Stretch out your branches, lift your leaves to the sun, but remember to be deeply rooted my friends!

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