#25 – Waterfalls and Weddings

Sometimes you may find it difficult to get out in nature and walk by yourself. I found myself in this vacuum of “not aloneness” the entire month of September. First, we had lots and lots of rain. Climate change seems to be bringing more precipitation to Northern Michigan and our autumn days seem to be drenched in rainfall. I’m not one to walk in the rain. Sometimes I will, especially in just a misty fogginess, but not in the torrential downpours we have been having.

Then came the September 27-29 weekend and we were headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the happy occasion of our son’s wedding! The wedding was to be held outdoors (Oh yikes! What about all this rain we have been having?). Thank goodness, the day of the wedding (September 28) was glorious with just a few colorful clouds dotting the sky! The location was Miner’s Beach in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. If you have never been to this special Michigan destination, you really need to schedule a trip! Not only will you be amazed at the colorful rocky cliffs, but also with Lake Superior, the stones along the lakeshore, the primeval forests, and the waterfalls.

Though I didn’t have time to do much hiking, I managed to sneak out on my own for a few precious moments. Early Saturday morning before the wedding plans were beginning to take shape, I ventured down to Au Train Bay to see the sunrise over awe-inspiring Lake Superior.

But by far, the most memorable moments took place at the wedding. We walked as a family through the woods and onto Miner’s Beach to watch our son and his beautiful bride exchange their vows. I will never forget the look of love on their faces as Superior’s waves crashed against the shore. No better music could have been chosen.

A wedding walk along the beach and waterfall exploring along the wooded hills of Lake Superior. What a blessing this Walk & Write was for not just me, but for our entire family!

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  1. The photos are beautiful. What a lovely place for a wedding!


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