WALK and WRITE Photos

Crystal flakes fallen
upon branches of a tree
enhancing the day.
Rays of winter sun
now gently warm the forest
filled with morning frost.
Hidden messages
are found in nature’s beauty
as in a rolled scroll.

Crystallized grasses
hang heavy along the shore
longing for the sun
Let’s blow a bubble
on a cold winter morning
and watch the sun smile.
Joy always exists
it’s just sometimes hidden like
red berries in snow.
Baby Red Pine – Walk & Write from 2-6-19 (Starvation Lake Road to MacNeil Pond)
Mister Curious
peeks out from a young beech tree
wearing a nice cap.
February 18, 2019 – Hiking through a Red Pine Plantation
Do you feel sorry for trees as they cannot move, rooted to the ground? Or do you feel sorry for yourself having to navigate through life’s challenges?
February 22, 2019 – Beech leaves hanging on like brave soldiers.

February 22, 2019 – Late February and the snow is deep, deep, deep!
The North Country Trail runs from the border of New York/Vermont into North Dakota. February 28, 2019

A gnome built an igloo
across a frozen lake
its blue shadow ribboning out
upon the glistening snow
I wanted to race him
ski to the other side
then collapse on the shore.

We would spoon our mittens
into the icy goodness
raise it to our lips and
swallow it with gusto
as lofty eagle soars overhead
dips his wing and winks
at our shenanigans.

Milkweed Fluff
Maple Wings
Bittersweet Vine
Coyote Track
Viewing Nature through a Mud Puddle

White Birch Art – Artist: God
Chaga Mushroom – Liquid Black Gold!
Puddle reflection
sun projecting her bright face
on muddy waters.